Programme Highlights:

Monday 11th July

18:00-20:00 (VIRTUAL)Malnutrition, Assessment and Planning

  • Individualised nutritional care - Dr Anne Holdoway
  • Nutritional Care in Custodial Healthcare- Francesca Allsop
  • Industry Sponsored session

Tuesday 12th July

18:00-20:00 (VIRTUAL) Complexities & Dilemmas

  • Introduction to Parenteral Nutrition- Elaine Neil
  • Complexities of Nutrition Support & Transitioning- Michelle Brooks
  • Ethical considerations- Dr Sue Protheroe

Wednesday 13th July

09:00-17:30 (IN-PERSON)Clinical Workshops Day

  • NG tube placement and confirmation - Claire Campbell
  • Cleaning of CVAD Key Parts - Jo Gent & Natalie Welsh
  • Clinical Skills - Bridle Application & management
  • Recognising the Patient's Perspective - Carolyn Wheatley
  • Blended Diets / Pre-made enteral feeds
  • Introduction to Enteral Nutrition
  • Nurse Innovator (Patient Transfer Scale) - Gillian Taylor
  • Clinical Supervision Model
  • Keynote Presentation from Monty Halls
  • Networking

Thursday 14th July

18:00-20:00 (VIRTUAL)Long Term Management
  • Nutrition in long term conditions - Dr Anne Holdoway
  • Nutrition and Long COVID- Professor Mary Hickson
  • Nutrition and Dementia - Gary Burnham-Jones 

Friday 15th July

18:00-20:00 (VIRTUAL)Enteral Nutrition & the Patient's Perspective

  • Introduction to Enteral Nutrition
  • Traction removal of gastrostomies - Gina Melling 
  • Remembering the Patient's Perspective - Carolyn Wheatley

Join us live every evening from 6pm commencing the 11th July for our virtual conference, and from 9am for our in-person clinical workshop day.